Why is Education Reform Controversial?

The reasons why the education reform movement is controversial are numerous and varied. For example, many reforms focused on scaling success too early and doubling down on quality, which alienated many people who didn’t need to see change. And because of the high cost for taxpayers, many schools were created in an attempt to duplicate success. However, reformers now see a more effective way to achieve the same results. There are several ways to implement education reform that don’t involve introducing a costly new system or curriculum.

Education, by definition, is a process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and discipline. When done right, it prepares students for a variety of different careers and inter-personal relations. But when schools and instructors intentionally distort these objectives, they create a hostile atmosphere for change. But the real controversy lies in the perspective of educators and taxpayers. Education is becoming increasingly a reflection of national class and social issues.

While the current education reform push focuses on eliminating gender bias in schools, many people feel that removing textbooks that use gender stereotypes in an effort to promote a gender-balanced society will make it safer for children. And this idea isn’t just controversial within Texas. The textbooks in other states are also controversial. In West Virginia, the largest protest ever over textbooks happened in Kanawha County. In addition to bombing county schools, protesters attacked buses with shotguns. One protester was fatally shot.

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