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Does Zillow Include Commercial Real Estate?

Does Zillow include commercial real estate? is a common question among many real estate buyers and sellers. After all, a website listing listings of commercial property is bound to attract more visitors than a regular residential listing. But how do you know that commercial property listings are included on Zillow? Let’s find out. Read on. This article will answer the question “Does Zillow include commercial real estate?”

The answer depends on the type of property. A commercial listing may not be included on Zillow. It is a great tool for locating homes for sale. The platform also features a Zestimate, which gives prospective buyers an idea of the value of a home. However, the service does not include listings of timeshares, agricultural properties, or short-term rentals. However, Zillow does offer other features for locating commercial property. Its website and apps allow you to search by parcel number or address.

Not all commercial properties are on Zillow. You can find commercial property listings on LoopNet, another popular site. LoopNet has over 500,000 listings and 5.1 billion square feet for lease. If you’re looking for a commercial property, LoopNet offers different advertising plans to fit your needs. You can also find a local commercial real estate agent to help you find the perfect property. It’s important to remember that Zillow focuses on residential real estate. If you’re looking for a commercial property for lease, you can get an estimate of the value by calculating the annual gross rents times a multiplier.

However, before using Zillow, make sure you check its privacy policies. This website is owned by a multi-billion-dollar corporation, and the content they post isn’t always accurate or complete. You’ll find some commercial properties on Zillow, but if you’re looking for a commercial property, you might want to go with another site. The commercial MLS also offers additional information about multi-family properties.


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