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How to Hire a Professional Organizer for Your Home

A Professional Organizer can provide you with an outside, unbiased opinion and another pair of hands. Their skills range from downsizing to helping seniors de-clutter their homes. Some are experts at specific areas, such as photo scanning, downsizing, or assisting hoarders. Regardless of your particular needs, a professional organizer can help you find peace and harmony in your home. Listed below are some tips on how to hire a professional organizer for your home.

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Whether you need assistance with a business project or a home improvement project, you can find a professional organizer to help you. Many professional organizers are members of national associations. There’s a Professional Organizer Association (POP) in Canada, Australasian Association of Professional Inventors, and Association of Professional Declutterers and Educators in the Netherlands. In addition, there’s the Professional Organiser Organization Africa.

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Once you’ve found a niche, you can start selling your services. While the majority of professional organizers don’t have formal training or certification, you can gain experience and build a solid reputation with customers.

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You may even be able to move from rural to metropolitan areas, depending on the scope of your work. If you’re looking to earn a living while serving others, professional organizing is a growing field with many opportunities. Despite the growing demand for professional organizers, it is still not an easy career choice.

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Most professionals charge their services per project or hour. The rate is determined by the type of service provided and the size of the project. For larger projects, the professional organizer charges an hourly rate. The rate is typically $50 to $60 per hour, but this can be much higher if the job is complex and requires coordination. Smaller jobs may also require a certain number of hours. The best way to determine your rates is to look online.

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