Is a University Education Worth It When Applying to Jobs?

A recent study conducted by the Georgetown Public Policy Institute reveals that people with degrees in STEM fields tend to earn higher salaries than those with bachelor’s degrees in other subjects. According to the study, the starting salaries of STEM graduates are the highest in the nation. Other fields with high unemployment rates include anthropology, photography, film, and architecture. Many employers agree that a university education is worth it when it comes to job prospects.

The answer to the question “is a university education worth it when applying to job opportunities” is complex. The answer to that question will depend on the industry and hiring manager. Nowadays, companies are adopting algorithms to determine who gets the job. Without a university degree, your resume could be discarded and rejected. Recruiters are under pressure to produce the best applicants. This is one reason why many companies are implementing higher education requirements to ensure a better candidate pool.

A degree reveals that you’re a highly educated person. Employers consider a university degree as a reliable indicator of intellectual competence, but it doesn’t guarantee success in the real world. In addition to academic achievement, a university degree can also demonstrate that you’ve acquired skills and specialized knowledge, which can transfer well to the workplace. But why is a university education worth it when applying for jobs?

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