Top Space Science Fiction Movies of All Time

A mind-blowing film set in a dystopian future, “Interstellar” is a homage to the works of science fiction master Stanley Kubrick. The plot of this space epic begins in a future in which drastic changes to the planet’s weather threaten its very existence. A widowed NASA pilot named Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, is called upon to find an Earth-like planet named “Planet B” after he discovers a mysterious pattern in his daughter’s bedroom. He follows the coordinates to find out what he finds, which leads him to a secret facility that investigates the possibility of wormholes in space.

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Alien: While this film has become a cult classic, it still may not be the best space film of all time. Its creep factor, its concept of leaving the known universe, and its cast of possessed doctors are among its top qualities. Despite the film’s high star ratings, many critics still prefer the film over its sequels. Regardless of your choice, you should watch this film if you haven’t seen it yet.

The most acclaimed space movie, Arrival, won multiple awards. Its story focuses on how human beings can interpret alien language. A film like this can help you decide if you’d rather live on Earth, or on the moon. And if you’re a space movie fan, you should see “Alien” or “Contact” as they are both great choices. Whether you like sci-fi or horror, these movies will entice you.

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