Which Celebrity Seems Like a Terrible Person?

Which celebrity seems like a terrible person? If you have a bad vibe about a certain celebrity, you’re not alone. You may feel this way about a potential romantic partner, a total stranger, or a business associate. Then again, you might have a bad vibe about a celebrity as a whole. But the bad vibes you experience are most commonly related to bad celebs.

There are several examples of celebrities who are known to be rude to fans. In one instance, comedian Jerry Seinfeld allegedly turned away a woman who asked him for a hug during a red carpet event. Seinfeld is notorious for a strict no-hug rule, and it appears that fans mistake his sarcasm for meanness. In another case, he once slammed a car door in the face of a fan, who had asked for a photo with him.

Another example of a celebrity who seems like a bad person is rapper Drake. Drake is infamous for his controversial sexual behavior, and his relationship with singer Rihanna was a source of much controversy during the 2017 Oscar race. Many Hollywood insiders were openly disapproving of him, and Brie Larson did not clap for him when he won Best Actor at the Academy Awards.

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