Why Did You Move Out of New York City?

Many people who left NYC wanted a slower pace and more comfort. While living in the city is exciting, you have to constantly hustle to pay your rent. You may also want a garden and flat shoes! That is why many people move away from the Big Apple. You can read their stories and learn about their experiences by reading our article, “Why Did You Move Out of New York City?”

If you are capable of handling the hustle and bustle of NYC, you should stick with it. However, age will catch up with you and chronic fatigue will set in. Moving out of NYC is a great choice for people who want to live a healthier life. Just don’t expect to be able to work for eight hours a day. You’ll be happier and healthier without the stress of a high-pressure work environment.

The subway system is overcrowded, dirty, and outdated. Apartments in New York City are notorious for having roaches and mice. Rents can easily outpace the median income of the area. There are also many businesses capitalizing on a neighborhood’s negative reputation. To avoid getting into these situations, learn about the area and its history. The more you know, the more likely you’ll feel comfortable living in a place that has the things you love.

Another reason people moved out of New York City is to get better schools. With school systems that lag behind the rest of the country, New York ranks third in the list of states that people are moving out of. In the past decade, one million people moved out of New York City alone. This trend isn’t confined to New York. Countless numbers of people are moving out of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Across the country, people are leaving in record numbers. If you are one of those that is moving, you might look to find a roommate in your new city.

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